Having a reliable and appealing vehicle is something most people view as a priority. If you are the proud owner of a Honda or Acura vehicle, keeping it in pristine shape is important. Car owners in the United States spend thousands of dollars each year on repairs and maintenance. Getting familiar with the different systems your vehicle has is crucial when trying to spot problems early on.

The cooling system helps to keep your Honda or Acura vehicle from overheating. When elements of this system are damaged, you will start to notice your engine overheating. Fixing these cooling system problems quickly will allow you to reduce the amount of damage done. Here are some common problems that can cause your vehicle to overheat.

A Damaged Radiator Can Cause Lots of Problems

One of the main jobs of your car’s radiator is to keep coolant circulating when it is needed. Without a steady flow of coolant, it is only a matter of time before your engine starts to overheat. The older your radiator gets, the more problems you will start to experience. If your radiator has a leak, it will allow all of the coolant to escape.

If you start to notice pools of coolant under your radiator, you need to take action immediately. Allowing a mechanic to inspect your radiator will help you figure out how to address the problems it has. Having the radiator flushed and inspected regularly is essential when trying to keep it functional. If your existing radiator does have to be replaced, a knowledgeable mechanic can get this work done in a hurry.

Leaking Radiator Hoses

The only way your radiator can keep coolant flowing to parts of your engine is with the help of coolant hoses. These large hoses are designed to carry coolant in and out of your radiator consistently. Radiator hoses are made from thick and durable rubber. The high heat these hoses are exposed to will damage them over time.

Small cracks in your radiator hoses can lead to lots of coolant being lost. Taking the time to inspect the belts and hoses on your vehicle routinely is a wise move. By doing this, you can detect radiator hose damage early on.

Water Pump Issues

Another essential part of your cooling system is the water pump. Without a functional water pump, your engine will be unable to get the coolant it needs to avoid overheating. If your water pump has a lot of buildup, it will be unable to circulate the coolant that enters it. This will cause your engine to overheat.

Diagnosing water pump problems can be difficult, which is why allowing professionals to handle this work is crucial. A mechanic will have the tools and experience needed to properly diagnose your overheating problems.

Don’t Wait to Fix Cooling System Problems

The longer you wait to fix your engine overheating problems, the more damage you will ultimately have to deal with. Contact Burden Auto Care and let us help you get your car back in good working order.