The summer months are quickly approaching, which means hot sticky temperatures that can wreak havoc on our automobiles. For our cars to continue to run smoothly during the heat of summer, they require routine care and maintenance, especially if they are constantly exposed to high temperatures. 

Hot temperatures can pose a myriad of threats to your automobile. Low oil pressure, water leaks, brake system failures, belt, and tire damage are just a few of the problems your car can experience in the summer months.

Regular Routine Maintenance

Along with the scheduled routine maintenance checks, drivers should be proactive when it comes to ensuring their vehicle is running well and recognizing signs if it isn’t. Fortunately, there are ways you can keep your car operating in top condition during the heat of summer and throughout the year. 

Keeping Engines Cool

Automobile engines produce an enormous amount of heat energy while in operation. It is imperative that you keep coolant levels full to provide your engine the necessary means of which it can keep heat levels in check. If the coolant level in your vehicle drops below the minimum requirements, it could lead to devastating consequences. Radiators need to remain full of the appropriate form of coolant in order to maintain the heat levels in your car. 

Checking Coolant Expiration Dates

The form of coolant you use should be within the expiration date listed on the packaging in order to perform at its best. Using a coolant product that has exceeded its expiration date can damage your radiator and engine by accumulating grimy deposits over time, which decreases the amount of airflow around your engine. Poor airflow can also lead to your car running too hot, leaving it in need of possibly extensive repairs. 

Lighten Your Load

Overloading your vehicle while on your family’s summer vacation may also contribute to an unforeseen breakdown. Your car has to work harder to pull the extra weight of too much luggage and gear, causing it to run less efficiently and adding undue strain on its moving parts during the high temperatures. 

Being Proactive Is Key

Checking to make sure your car has a consistent amount of appropriate coolant will keep you safely on the move in the heat of the summer, and making sure not to overload your vehicle will decrease the chances of a breakdown just when you least expect it. 

If you find that your car is in need of a routine maintenance check, or if you have concerns about its operational safety in the hot months ahead, contact
Burden Auto Care to schedule an appointment today that will give you the confidence that your care is safe to drive tomorrow.