How do you get value in auto repair and maintenance using cheap, inferior aftermarket parts?

You don't - and that's part of what's at play in our service model at  Burden Auto Care, where we use exclusively OEM Honda and Acura parts to serve our customers.

At Burden Auto Care, we understand that owning these top brands requires some dedication to investing in the life of your vehicle. Here are some of the problems that you can run into using aftermarket parts, which some shops tend to buy because they are less expensive.

Keeping Up With Manufacturer Standards

A vehicle is a complex machine, and it was manufactured and designed according to specific factory standards. That governs everything from the engine and drivetrain to brakes, electrical systems, entertainment and information features and more.

So when you introduce parts that don't live up to the challenge, you're really compromising the value of that design as it was done before the vehicle ever rolled off the line. That’s usually not a good idea! Sure, you can save a few bucks, but there’s a risk involved.

Age and Wear

Suppose you're repairing your vehicle that's two-thirds of the way toward the end of its useful life. Is that the time to skimp on the quality of parts you’re adding?

We don't think so – because it's easy for systems that have already worn down to experience further deterioration, and putting in place the bare minimum can lead to recurring problems later. That also costs customers a lot of money in unnecessary repetitive labor – if the first fix doesn't ‘take’ because of poor parts quality, you're going to be paying a lot again just to get the vehicle into the shop!

A Good Fit

In addition, there are also problems with aftermarket parts that just don't fit right.

If you know a mechanic or have worked on cars yourself, you'll be familiar with the frustration of trying to machine a bolt about 1/8 of an inch to one side or the other to fit into an auto system. Too often, “universal” parts end up being huge headaches, because there’s not enough precision to make installation straightforward.

With OEM parts, this is very unlikely to happen, because the parts were specifically made for the systems they are implemented in.

There's one more reason to invest in quality parts, and that's warranty value – at Burden Auto Care, we offer a three-year, 36,000 mile warranty based on our quality of parts and our quality of labor. We love helping Honda and Acura owners to get back on the road in style, and with confidence that their rides are fully restored to functionality and ready for the road ahead.

That's something you need to have peace of mind and confidence on the road. Inferior parts can avoid an auto warranty and cause all sorts of problems later if additional issues develop